ROM GLOBAL RISK MANAGEMENT develops and implements physical risk management solutions that enable companies and organizations to operate securely and safely globally.

Organizations today face a variety of risk factors – terrorism, elevated crime activities, political instability, natural disasters and sub-standard law enforcement and health services. Managing those risks are a challenge to every organization and require expert planning, real time information, and constant monitoring.

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Our solutions provide a clear and efficient way to prepare, manage, and recover from incidents that might affect the organization's employees and operations. They make it easier for risk-managers to create a single and flexible system for multiple locations while maintaining command and control in real time, and ensuring business continuity at all times.

Our experience in various industries enables us to custom tailor our systems and solutions to match the particular needs of each organization, wherever it operates.


Our mission is to create a safe and secure environment while ensuring business continuity and fast recovery in critical times

Ariel Shafran

Ariel Shafran

Ariel Shafran is senior security consultant with international experience in large scale projects ranging from government institutions to privately held companies. His experience includes clients in the maritime and aviation industry, critical infrastructures, banking and financial institutions, food and beverage companies, and real estate developers.

Ariel is a veteran of the Israeli armed forces, infantry, and still actively serving in the reserve forces.

After leaving the army, Ariel joined the Israeli government's security services, graduating from the GSS's anti- terror school. He served as a security officer and air marshal. His responsibilities included airline security, diplomatic personnel and embassies, and more.

Since 2004 Ariel provides global security services for multinational corporations, government agencies, NGOs, real estate developers, and many more.