Our wide range of factual and analytic products address the customer’s Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR). All reports are produced and delivered on a regular or ad- hoc basis, according to your needs.

24/7 Real-Time Alerting

From emerging security threats and criminal activity through political developments and social unrest to market moves and natural disasters -- our professional intelligence collectors apply advanced techniques to monitor a wide range of Open Source platforms and deliver early alerts of any breaking event that has the potential to affect your business, assets,personnel and reputation.

Intelligence Digest

Your company's periodic situation report. This is a collection and summary of all items relevant to the your Priority Intelligence Requirements over a regular time period (day/week/month).


Factual information on a topic, individual, organization, or event, according to your needs.

Predictive Report

This product helps you anticipate and prepare for geopolitical and security developments that have the potential to affect your business. It provides you with factual information about an expected event, enhanced by an analytic component detailing possible scenarios and our expert assessment.

Brief Analytic Report

A short analysis (1-2 pages) that will provide you with the basic information on relevant topics that might affect you and your operations.

In-Depth Analytic Report

Extensive report in terms of its length and use of charts, maps, graphics and multimedia – based on your unique needs and requirements.