All training modules and seminars are customized to fit our client’s unique needs, building on their principles, corporate responsibility, and duty of care.

Our training staff includes leading experts in security planning and design, former special- operations unit commanders, governmental VIP protection specialist, and more.

All training is available in English, Italian, French, and Russian.

Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (3 Day Seminar)

A professional TVRA will enable the manager to define and assess those threats and work towards relevant solutions suitable to his needs. A detailed and methodical process is essential to understanding your unique security needs. In this seminar, the participants will learn how to look at their operations from the attacker point of view- understanding what an attacker looks for while planning an attack.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (1 Day Training)

This training is designed to understand and identify what is a suspicious vehicle, what are the most relevant modes of attack, and how we can plan our security operations to mitigate and counter this risk.

The seminar includes case studies and samples from global incidents, review various methods and technologies for vehicle mitigation, and help the students plan their security process to counteract this threat.

Security Awareness Presentation (50 minutes)

This presentation will introduce your employees to general safe conduct principles at the workplace, at home, and abroad.

The presentation provides a practical toolbox of knowledge, advice, and actions, to raise the level of personal safety and security.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training – HEAT (3 – 5 Days)

This seminar is for those persons travelling or working in hostile environments, 3rd world countries, and areas where personal security and safety are challenged on a constant basis.

The seminar is intended mostly for companies sending their employees to these areas – whether for a short trip, or for longer periods of time.

Topics include cultural and religious awareness, dealing with local military and security forces, emergency conduct, planning and preparing for travel to hostile zones, and basic First Aid.

Customized Travel Awareness Training (1 – 2 Day Training)

A shorter version of the HEAT seminar, this training focuses on destination specific threats, general security awareness and safe conduct, dealing with local security and government forces, and understanding local culture, tradition, and acceptable code of conduct.


Learn the basic tools and techniques used in Open Source Intelligence, with special emphasis on social media monitoring.

Advanced OSINT

Improve your monitoring, research and analysis skills with our advanced Structured Analytic Techniques and Source Assessment workshops.

Actionable OSINT

Learn how to build a real-time alert system around an individual, organization or event. Learn how to use social media to uncover a target's social, political and business network.