Global operations mean dealing with new companies and individuals. Make sure you
understand every aspect of who you are going to do business with and eliminate
what you do not know.

The services are available in multiple languages and in most locations worldwide.

Due Diligence – Basic Level

Information regarding individuals and
entities, encompassing Legal, Financial, Shareholdings, Assets, Real Estate
ownership, Mortgages and Loans, Bankruptcy, Political Affiliations,
International Watch Lists, and other available information.

Open Source information gathering from
databases, social networks, media and news outlets. Information is presented as is.

Due Diligence – Advanced Level

Same as the Basic Level, with an added layer of discreet site visits and other actions to verify information gathered, or to examine any “Red Flags” discovered.

Background Verification Checks (BVC)

Verification of information supplied by job candidates and other persons of Interest regarding the validity of stated data – Personal Information, Education, Previous Employment, Residences, and more.