On 9/11/2021 the world will mark the 20-year anniversary of the terror attacks on New York and Washington, by Al Qaeda Terrorists.

Based on past experience, we expect to see an increase in terror activities and attempts on a global scale, around this time.

Terror organizations, localized terror groups, and Lone- Wolf attackers tend to view these dates as a “commemorative” opportunity to launch attacks to show their commitment to the cause, as a way to prove that the “fight” is still continuing, and encourage others to continue with the Jihad (Holy War).

In addition, the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, who are close allies of Al Qaeda, will surely be seen as a “victory” and as an encouragement for potential attackers, emboldening them to mark the date by launching attacks.


  • Global – wherever there is a presence of western culture, representation of interests, or basically anyone or anything associated with the west.

Possible Targets

  • Diplomatic / official delegations of western countries and countries who are seen as allies
  • Civilian organizations and high-profile establishments with Western affiliation
  • Airports and major transportations hubs
  • Shopping and Entertainment Venues – Shopping Centers / Sports Stadiums / Cultural Establishments

What To Do

  • Alert your colleagues, employees, and managers of the threat of a terror attack
  • Review procedures for security and non-security personnel on routine and emergency conduct
  • Be alert to your surroundings- suspicious individuals and vehicles, unattended bags and parcels in common areas
  • If possible, avoid non-essential international travel during this time
  • If possible, avoid places of mass gatherings

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