Lately we at ROM- Global were honored to provide crisis support and assistance in the Philippines.

Typhoon Rei (Odette) hit the Philippines just before Christmas. It was the strongest typhoon to hit the area in 2021. It caused many fatalities and injuries, tearing homes and businesses, collapsing electrical lines and shutting down most means of communications.

One of our global clients set out to help their employees, despite the risky conditions in the area. The operation was to provide cash advances and bottled water to the entire workforce (around 1000 employees).

We were asked to provide crisis support for this operation by providing security services to ensure a safe and secure environment for the process, as well as providing security for the cash in transit stage.

It took on a more special significance as it was just a couple of days before Christmas. This made it all the more important for the client and us.

Since Christmas eve was fast approaching, it took significant efforts by all those involved, to overcome collapsed communication lines, time zone differences, and logistical issues in a disaster zone, to make it all happen.

We are so happy and proud that we were able to play a small part in being Santa’s little helpers on Christmas eve, and help provide some support, relief and happiness to those who needed it the most.

This is why we do it – to help those that really need our support in times of need.


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