In the last 12- 24 hours we have seen a rapid deterioration of the situation in the Ukraine, especially in the eastern region, indicating an imminent threat of military actions in Ukraine.

Multiple indicators show, that despite Russia’s claims of troop withdrawal, there is a very significant presence of Russian battle groups along the borders of Ukraine – both in Russia and in Belarus.

In the last 12 hours there have been escalations of gun fire and mortar attacks in the breakaway regions in east Ukraine. This includes reports of civilians’ evacuations to Russia.

Although the outcome is very unclear, the situation on the ground strongly suggests that Russia is preparing an invasion into Ukraine. The scope and locations are still unclear, but we asses that the threat is imminent.

Relevant Threat Scenarios

  • Imminent military invasion
  • Full scale military actions including ground operations, mortar attacks, air attacks
  • Cyber warfare including disabling communication lines, critical infrastructures (electric/ gas/ water), banking system, and more


  • Ukraine, especially eastern and northern regions (including Kiev)
  • Belarus

Possible Targets

  • In a full scale or a limited military invasion, all areas and locations are possible targets, including civilians
  • Strategic government and local authorities building and locations
  • Strategic towns and communities
  • Military and law enforcement bases and infrastructures

What To Do

  • Evacuate immediately all personal – outside of Ukraine if possible, or towards western Ukraine if not possible
  • If you have employees or foreign personnel in the area, make sure they are registered with their native embassies or delegations, including contact details and location
  • Avoid all non-essential travel to Ukraine, Belarus, and Western Russia
  • Act to secure your assets and operations in the area, and implement your business continuity plan for this location


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