Wow, what a great class we had!!

When class is full – we had 11 students this time – it is very important to make sure each and everyone is heard, and has a chance to present his work in class. But on the other hand, it makes for a very lively classrooms, with debates and exchanges of ideas, and stories. Having people from Singapore, the Philippines, and other places really makes it an international learning experience – for the students as well as for me.

We covered a lot of materials, and embarked on learning the Singapore MHA requirements for conducting a TVRA that are now in effect for certain levels of public institutions and critical infrastructures.

AND, I was very happy to meet my first female trainee. Women all over the world are having a more prominent role in security – both in the public and in the private sectors. I think it is a great advantage, and welcome more female practitioners into the field.

For our site visit we went to a new location, with different challenges, and it’s great to see how the students managed to observe critical processes, understand the site’s vulnerabilities and risks as per the relevant threat scenarios, and propose relevant mitigation strategies to be deployed.

With a lot of input from the students, class discussions, and sharing professional experiences, it was a great session, much like the previous ones. Teaching in Singapore is always an experience both in teaching and learning.

Since I’ve started coming to Singapore less than a year ago (this was my 4th visit 😊), I saw how the country is shifting its attitude towards security and public safety, putting more emphasis on standards of security practices and requirements from the public and private sectors. It is good to see that in a seemingly safe and secure country, leadership is not abandoning its role as providers of public safety, while rising awareness to security issues. Preparedness is paramount in all issues of public security and safety.

As always, a great thank you goes to @mariaefremova from CCTP for having me and organizing a great training session.

The next training is scheduled for the first week in December 2019.

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