Another successful Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment training has been completed. Congrats to all the great students attending the class and sharing their views and experience.

Having students from the private sector, the Police, and Government Ministries offers a unique chance to not only learn the principles of conducting a professional TVRA, but to understand the real-life needs of different sectors and security domains, and how they can implement those principles at their organizations.

Incorporating a visit to an actual site allows the students to actually see and practice what is taught in class, and personally experience the challenges and understand the needs of a real TVRA site visit, while analyzing their findings to be presented to the end client.

As you can see in some of the pictures, the training is hard and sometimes you get a little thirsty 😉 we take our student’s welfare seriously.

A great thank you goes to Maria Efremova from CCTP for having me and organizing a great training session (as always 😊)

Already looking forward to our next training session in August.

For inquiries about TVRA training and other training opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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