Check out the new dates for CCTP’s new training seminars on TVRA and HVM which I will be conducting in Singapore in February.

HVM will be conducted on Feb. 11th.

TVRA will be conducted from Feb. 12 to 14, 2019.

In Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) we will be discussing One of the most commonly used attack methods – vehicles. Either as a means of carrying explosives (VBIED), using the vehicle as the weapon itself by ramming pedestrians, or as a means to transport attackers and weapons into a secure area.

This training is designed to understand and identify what is a suspicious vehicle, what are the most relevant modes of attack, and how we can plan our security operations to mitigate and counter this risk.


During the 3-day Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment (TVRA) seminar the students will learn how to conduct professional and comprehensive threat assessments – understanding the attacker’s point of view in order to identify your operation’s weaknesses. You will learn the difference between a Threat and a Risk and how to measure it in a way that other managers and stakeholders will understand and cooperate with you.

I will be presenting case studies and samples from global projects, bringing international experience and best practices to the classroom, exposing the students to various industries and operations.

Space is limited so hurry up and contact @mariaeframova or @yanive peretz of CCTP to reserve your place.

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